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New York to Knoxville
my word!
Sandra Clark...
Credibility: It’s all we’ve got
It’s tough to balance the interests of good people holding public office with the public’s right to know and question relevant matters. And it falls to a newspaper’s editor to decide what to print and when to print it.

Since starting our zoned edition North/East Shopper-News, I’ve worked hard to meet community leaders...  More

Betty Bean...
Food Fight
Cumberland Avenue merchants accuse UT of competing with local businesses, UT seeks meeting

Ten Cumberland Avenue merchants and restaurateurs, led by Copper Cellar Corp. CEO Mike Chase , sent University of Tennessee brass a letter last week accusing them of ...   More
 Darias McDowell was tearing it up on the trampolines at JumpJam, doing flips, handstands and cartwheels. Photo by Sherri Gardner Howell

Jumping with the Vol

By Sherri Gardner Howell

University of Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones would have been proud. Three members of his football squad were checking out JumpJam Trampoline Park, 11201 Threadstone Lane, off Lovell Road. They were unintentionally putting on quite a show as they got serious air on the trampolines, able to touch the balls hanging from the ceiling that were there to test vertical reach.

Not having a clue they were UT Vols – seeing young men in shirts with a power T is not exactly a rarity in Knoxville – I took several impressive photos of the jumpers. When I introduced myself as a member of the press and asked for their names, they hesitated.

“We better not, ma’am,” one said. As I looked confused, a girl who had been watching them quipped, “She doesn’t know who you are.” The player glared at her.

“I’m really sorry, ma’am,” he continued, still giving out no information. “We just better not. We have coaches… well, you know...” More